What Clients Have to Say

What Clients Have to Say

Wishful Wednesdays Review:


My five year old daughter took Diane's yoga & mindfulness class and hasn't stopped talking about it since.  Diane creates a community that is warm, welcoming and FUN for the kids.  She taught the kids in a way that they advanced at their own pace while being so kind and patient.  Peyton is much more aware of her experiences, her feelings and now knows it is good to take her time to concentrate and focus.  She always enjoyed a specialized activity that Diane would plan out for each class, ending of course with Namaste!  Diane is an asset to any community and we certainly do miss her on Long Island!  Five stars!


~ Jamie Malloy


Reiki Private & Group, Reiki & Sound Healing Meditation Review:


Dear Diane,


Just a quick note to let you know that how much I miss your talent as a Reiki Master! Before exploring Reiki, I was constantly stressed....the tension in my neck and upper back caused constant pain and frustration for years.  After one session with you, I was relaxed, pain free and my mind-set was focused.  My husband used to tell the kids before I came home from being treated "don't mess up mommy's Reiki"!!  I was amazed myself as to how relaxed my body became....whether I was sitting or laying down. I can honestly say I was shocked to feel how "limp" my body could become to the point where I thought I would fall over....but never did!!!  When you incorporated "Sound" to your sessions it took my energy to another level!!  The best part was being able to share your talents with my sister Kathy when she would visit from Colorado. You were able to "center" Kathy and make her feel like her old self again.  I can truly say that Reiki is more relaxing than massage or acupuncture.  I miss you, and of course, your talents as a Reiki Master, and Meghan's sounds talent.  For those who are now lucky enough to have you and your talent in your community...I'm jealous!!!!  Best of luck to you in your new surroundings!!!  


Wishing you a wonderful day today and always....

~ Patricia DiBenedetto


Creative Expressions Kid's Club, Reiki Session & Reiki Master Teacher Class Review:


Diane Renna, RMT is a gifted, patient, kind and supportive teacher and healer. My children participated in her Kids Club on a weekly basis for 6 years. There they not only had fun with crafts, games and activities, they also learned valuable lessons about patience, compassion, kindness and communication. She simply helps each child bring out their best. She can see right through any situation and notice what needs to be done to ensure each child participating feels supported and included. My children fostered old friendships and formed new friends at Kids Club that they treasure to this day because Diane helps them all truly see and appreciate each other.


As a Reiki Master Teacher, Diane provides enlightened support for each client to facilitate powerful healing. I have been both a Reiki client and student of Diane's. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who would like to add the gift of Reiki to their lives. It is the gift that keeps on giving!


~ Kerry Horton, RMT


Reiki & Parental Consultation: 


I first met Diane Renna 13 years ago, we were at a school function and both happened to be pregnant. As you can imagine, this was common ground to become new friends. I quickly learned Diane was involved in Reiki and had written a children book on her daughter’s sensory disorder. After that night, Diane and I kept in contact and became very close friends. During the time I was giving birth, I learned that my son, Evan, had a rare disorder called Trisomy 13. I immediately asked Diane for her help to preform Reiki on both him and I. Diane has been an immense help in keeping both my son and I healthy over the past 13 years. I even took a few of her classes to learn Reiki, in order to assist others as well as myself. I can honestly, unbiasly say that Diane is an incredible teacher and healer. To this day, she still works on both of us and is my first phone call when something goes wrong. I’m extremely grateful to have met Diane when I did and would extremely recommend her to anyone interested.


~ Adrienne & Evan Cotter


One Day Wellness Review (Earth Day @ Gurneys Resort, Montauk NY):


I participated in Diane Renna’s one day Wellness Retreat at Gurney’s Inn.  I found this day to be relaxing and enlightening.  It was a safe space to explore my feelings through different activities and modalities under the watchful eye of Diane.  Her leadership skills  and intuition nature enabled her to personalize my experience.  The day was structured yet flexible, leaving room between activities to forge new friendships and strengthen old ones. The lunch break was well timed and delicious. And the venue itself was breathtaking.  By the end of the day I had some new perspectives on some long standing issues!   Diane is a gem!  And the day was life altering.  I left there relaxed and with a fresh outlook!   I would recommend giving this program a try!!





Creative Expressions Kid's Club & Parent Learning Program:


My son, Jesse, attended Kids Club for many years. It was the one outside activity that he couldn't wait to go to. He always felt safe, accepted and part of a group. This group improved his self awareness of his sensory needs and provided him with sensory strategies to feel more organized and better prepared.


~ Diana L.