Teen Meditation & Workshop

Teen Meditation & Workshop

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2 Hour Workshop with Diane M Renna, RMT

Topic, Date & Time TBD (see below for topic descriptions)

* includes handouts & supplies


Address will be provided with registration confirmation. 

To Register Call or Text: 631-926-8572

Available for Private Groups * Can be modified for Pre-Teens


Come learn how to quiet your mind and center with simple techniques to help you de-stress. I understand the demands teens have these days and want to give them the tools and strategies they need to help them naviage through this often demanding and over-stimulating world. Teens will socialize and connect with like-minded teens whom are interested to learn positive ways to tap into their true potential and recognition of who they are.


Some Workshop Descriptions:

*handouts & worksheets provided


Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are positive sentences that help us see and love ourselves in a new light. By repeating positive affirmations about things we would like to manifest in our daily lives, we reinforce our loving connection with our inner-selves, family and friends, and what this entire beautiful world has to offer us.


*Meditation, Topic Discussion, & Painting a Birdhouse Project 


Power of Surrender and Release

Surrendering and releaing past hurts and emotions that we keep bottled up inside of us can be a healing experience. Surrendering, or letting go of, circumstances that upset, hurt, worry or confuse you can liberate your soul. When you do so, you will immediately feel  the peace it creates in your life.


*Medition, Topic Discussion, & Painting a Wind Chime Project