60 Minute Reiki Session

60 Minute Reiki Session

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One Hour Reiki Session


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Diane M Renna, Reiki Master Teacher

14 Years Experience & 10 Years as a RMT & a Member of the 

International Center of Reiki Training Association


What does a Reiki session feel like?

A Reiki session feels like a warm glowing radiance that flows throughout the body. During a treatment, you feel relaxed and peaceful. You may even fall asleep. The client is fully clothed and lies on a massage table or sits upright in a chair, while feeling heat or sensation that comes from the practitioner's hands.


Some Benefits of Reiki:

accelerates the body's self-healing; contributes to better sleep; reduces stress & blood pressure; helps relieve pain; provides additional energy to recover from illness; supports immune system - acute & chronic problems; removes energy blocks; helps emotional clearing & spiritual growth


Reiki is an ancient natural healing technique involving the placement of hands onto or above the body (client is fully clothed). It is a form of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and balances the mind, body, and spirit. It is simple, natural, and relaxing. Reiki works at a level where it assists one's body in bringing energetic balance and well-being to the highest good of the recipient.



Note: Reiki is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for medical care. Reiki compliments and supports healing to the highest good for the recipient. Be sure to seek medical care guidance from qualified practitioners as needed.