One-to-One Parental Guidance

One-to-One Parental Guidance

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Email & Phone Consults with Diane M Renna, RMT/Author

$80 1st 1 1/2 hours


I am the author of the world renown children's social story/book about my daughter, Meghan's World: The Story of One Girl's Triumph over Sensory Processing Disorder, which recently celebrated 11 years published. Meghan is now 21 years old. To learn more, visit:



Email to schedule a consult @ & put PARENT CONSULT in Subject Area of Email. I will get back to you ASAP.


How can I help you...

I will support you in your efforts to help understand and support your child. I will share advice on what worked & did not work for my family.....empowering you with hope, inspiration, knowledge, and the tools to succeed. I have over 20 yrs experience (three kids; all different). I will listen and tune-in with a kind heart and empower you with a plan so you can learn more and expand your next steps. I am someone who has been there and understands where you are at. It is a long journey, but worth it! There is hope and that is why I do what I do...I want your child and family too, to Shine Bright & Be All They Can Be!


Follow-ups:  $30 - 30 minutes (pay under Ad Ons)


Review from previouos customer who brought Meghan's World & reached out for advice...

"Hi Diane, you may not remember me, but I had emailed you with questions regarding Berard AIT for my daughter, who was sounding suspiciously like your daughter Meghan. My daughter went thru Berard in April and what a difference.  She's not the same kid today that she was six months ago.  So many of her challenges have resolved, it's hard to put them all down in one place, but I can't thank you enough for your input - your feedback helped put us over the hump with deciding to do Berard and it was the best decision we ever made.  The changes have been profound.  As you said, it's all good. We're likely going to delve into enzymes next (one thing at a time), but just wanted to extend my thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.  It helped us a lot. Be well, LB"
- LB
             Another awesome 'update' for LB, below:

"Hi Diane, I just wanted to send you an update and a thank you. Your insights regarding Meghan were so helpful to us on our journey - I have one other question and wanted to share a resource with you.

Resource: Berard was definitely helpful in getting us part of the way there with (my daughter's) auditory sensitivity. We just did another program (Fast ForWord) which is technically supposed to be a literacy program (which my daughter) didn't need, because she was already reading) but we did it for the ancillary benefits around the retaining with hearing. It has definitely been a further refinement of the Berard intervention and has taken her to a whole new level - especially with ability to filter out background noise. Not sure if this is still an issue for Meghan, but I thought I'd pass along the resource in case you are interested. I learned about it in the Norman Doidge book, "The Brain that Changes Itself." You can learn more about the program at a million for all your help! - LB (5/25/09)