Wishful Wednesdays Yoga & Mindfulness Ages 5-8

Wishful Wednesdays Yoga & Mindfulness Ages 5-8

Introductory Discount - 10 Classes for $140

Series Created for Ages 5-8 year olds (K-4th grades)

Class is LIMITED TO 4-6 kids (small group instruction)


Diane is a YogaKids Foundations Certified teacher (2007) and recently completed Level Three Teacher Training with Little Flower Yoga (LFY) at the Omega Institute. LFY's approach and methodology focuses on the whole child and incorporates the elements of Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax into each class whether it be in a chair or on a mat. During class students will learn aspects of these fundamental life skills which can be used in everyday life.


In a time where most are energetically wired and physically tired finding boundaries within our world can be confusing. In addition students are often pressured to achieve in an overstimulating world. Mindfulness tools have been proven to develop inner resilience needed to navigate mental, emotional, and physical stresses. Movement and exercise have also been proven to dissipate the stress hormones that build up in the blood. In this one hour class, students will learn to engage their body with all the elements in a supportive and non judgmental environment while having fun!

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