Meghan's Word

Meghan's Word

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Meghan's World: The Story of One Girl's Triumph Over Sensory Processing Disorder...written by me...about my daughter, Meghan. Price includes shipping & handling & signed by Meghan & Diane Renna. Please put who you would like to personalize the book for and the address and phone number of where to ship to in the "notes section" at checkout.


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Some Reviews:


“Meghan’s World is written in simple enough language for children to understand, but gives parents some important information as well. Children with sensory processing disorders can easily relate to it, as one child exclaimed, ‘That’s like me!’  The illustrations are beautiful and engaging. Parents and professionals should have it in their library. I highly recommend it!”
- Jeanne S. Ganz, OTR/L, BCP

“This book is a must-read for all children and all parents of children diagnosed with SPD. My daughter (age six) loved reading about another child who has undergone many of the same treatments, and has had the same emotions as herself.  As a parent, the book was informative, encouraging, and inspirational.  It really does help to hear what other families have done for their children suffering with this often misunderstood disorder.”
- Alison Lynne, author of The Dolly Adventures, and a mother of children with  SPD

“This beautiful and easy-to-read story about very complicated and life-altering issues brings Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to life through the gentle words of Meghan’s mother.  Families, friends, teachers, and therapists can share this book with each other to promote understanding, compassion, and hope.  As I travel across the world, spreading the news about SPD, I will be sharing this book with everyone I meet. Congratulations, Diane and Meghan!”
- Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L

"Reading your book really helped us identify the issues that our daughter experiences.  It was so helpful for us to read about your journey and the helpful resources you found along the way.  Thank you for writing this and sharing what worked."
- Scott Mesh, PhD, Psychologist

"I received the books and I love it even more then I remembered!  Both my kids completely related to it in their own way and ask me to read it to them over and over.  My kindergartner wants to bring the book to school to show her teachers.  I've been sharing the book with family and friends who I feel would appreciate it and it's all we are talking about.  Thank you so much for putting words to our children's feelings. Please thank Meghan for sharing her personal story with us.  Good luck with all of your endeavors."
- Talya Gorsetman


"Thank you so much for your book. It is truly inspirational. I found it while doing an online search about SPD for my daughter. It is our favorite books to read together. Finally, I can answer her question that yes, there are other kids out there like you. She related to the struggles getting dressed, the OT sessions and the brushing....Many thanks for your help and for telling Meghan's story."
- Helena (1/1/11)

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