Creative Kid's Yoga Club

Creative Kid's Yoga Club

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One Hour Class

Mindfulness + Yoga + Art = Fun! will build mindfulness and have lots of fun! Class includes: guided imagery, centering techniques, creative expression, yoga, stretching, exploring, painting, drawing, flexibity, music, fine and gross motor activities with follow-the-lead instruction.*


Each class is set to a theme that builds positive character and enhances your child's self-esteem and confidence. Yoga is a great way for children to learn about body position, awareness, and calming strategies to bring them inner-peace and self control.


Class is limited to 4-6 kids ages 5-9. *Price includes craft.

Address will be provided with registration confirmation.


Class can be modified for older kids.

Available for private groups.


Call or Text to Register: 631-926-8572

Diane M. Renna, RMT 

YogaKids Foundations Certified Facilitator