Chakras * wheels of light workshop

Chakras * wheels of light workshop

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Two Hour Intensive Workshop

Learn about the energy you hold within you with

Diane M Renna, RMT


Chakra means wheel of light in Sanskrit.


We are energetic beings that have chakras that push vital life force energy (ki, chi, prana) throughout our bodies. These chakras affect our mood, energy level, health, and are associated with the organ near each of them. They are important to our well-being. The Chakras * wheels of light workshop will cover details of the seven major chakras.


You will learn how these energy points get affected by the energy that comes from our feelings, thoughts, and outside environments.


You will learn ways to balance your chakras and what you can do to remove blocks from them.


You will learn positive affirmations and interesting facts associated with these seven colored spinning lights.


Chakra Clearing Meditation & Informative Handouts Provided

Class is limited to 8 * bring a drink & snack


Address will be provided with registration confirmation.

Available for private groups


Call or Text to Register: 631-926-8572

Diane M. Renna, RMT